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10 Reasons Why You Need a Scarf

In case you missed the memo, scarves are this fall's must-have accessory! They are multi-functional, can be worn many different ways, and are just plain cute. Still not convinced? Then read our top 10 reason why you need to expand your scarf collection ASAP.

Reasons You Need a Scarf
  1. They are warm. Fashion and function? Yes, please! Looking good doesn't have to come with a sacrifice, thanks to fall's favorite accessory. Scarves are comfy, cozy, AND cute.
  2. There are endless selections. You can find a scarf in just about any pattern, color, texture, and length. And since variety is the spice of fashion, we love any accessory that gives us loads of options!
  3. You can tie them in a knot. Or you could tie them in a bow! In fact, there are tons of creatively cute ways to tie scarves, so get inspired with this handy visual guide.
  4. You can wear them as belts. Wrap a belt around your waist, and it's an easy way to add interest to a boring outfit. Try twisting the scarf for a "skinny" belt, or fold it over just a couple times for a thicker belt. You can leave the ends hanging loose, or time them in a cute bow for a decidedly feminine touch.
  5. You can wear them as a bracelet. That's right, create a unique braided bracelet using just a single long scarf. Fold the middle to create 3 "strands," keeping the outside strands longer than the middle strand. Hook your finger through the top loop (created by the middle fold), and begin braiding. Once you reach the bottom loop, tie it tight and it's ready to go.
  6. You can wear them on your purse Break up the monotony of your everyday purse by tying a colorful scarf around the strap, or wrapping it around the handle.
  7. You wear them on your head.Turn bad hair days into a fashion statement by tying a scarf around your hair. You can roll it up and use it like a traditional headband, or wrap up all of your hair for a boho chic look.
  8. It's cheaper than buying a whole new outfit. Why spend money on new clothes when you can get the same result with just a single scarf? It's an inexpensive way to add variety to you closet.
  9. You can cover up holes and stains. It's okay if you spilled coffee on your favorite shirt! A strategically placed scarf can hide any wear or tear in a fashion emergency.
  10. They always fit. Whether you gain or lose 10 pounds, the beauty of scarves is that they are one size fits all. Not to mention, you can style them to cover up your trouble areas.
  11. You can make them yourself. When it comes to making your own clothes, scarves are about as easy as it gets. Just cut a few straight lines, and finish off the edges with a needle and thread or sewing machine. Plus, you will have tons of fun picking out the fabric!