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5 Health and Beauty Products Not to Buy

We’re willing to bet your home bathroom is stocked with health products that you bought based solely on clever marketing tactics, and don’t actually need. Like any other consumer market, the goal is to get you to buy, whether or not a particular product is actually effective or necessary. Here, we’ll detail the top 5 over-hyped health products, so next time you find yourself in the drugstore you can save some money and cross it off your shopping list.

  1. Antibacterial soaps/gels: Despite popular beliefs, antibacterial soaps have not been proven to prevent the spread of infection better than any other kind of soap. Not only that, some studies show that overuse of antibacterial soaps could actually promote potentially resistant and dangerous germs. Bottom line: Not all bacteria is bad for you, and plain old soap and water is just as effective to get you clean.
  2. Expensive moisturizing cream: These days, there are hundreds of creams on the market claiming to contain exotic, miracle-performing ingredients. And the more exotic, the more expensive—some even costing hundreds of dollars. But the truth is, while it’s beneficial to moisturize your skin, there is no real proof that the $200 cream works better than its $20 counterpart.
  3. Antioxidants or multivitamins: For healthy people with no vitamin deficiencies, it’s likely not necessary to spend the money on expensive daily vitamins. Instead, focus on eating a well-rounded diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  4. Cold prevention products: There are products that suggest when taken at the right time, you can head off a cold altogether. But whether it’s Airborne or Echinacea, the truth is the best way to prevent yourself from getting sick is living a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a healthy diet. Other than that, we’re all bound to get sick from time to time after being exposed to bacteria and viruses—it’s just unavoidable.
  5. Health drinks: Nothing is better for you than good ol’ fashioned water. Other juices and enhanced waters boast added vitamins and supplements, but the reality is the only thing you are really taking in is some extra sugar. Skip the expensive drinks and stick to the free stuff that comes right out of your tap.