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Cable Goes to the Dogs

Dog TV

A cable television network just for dogs? Oh yes, it’s here. And while you might think this is something reserved only for the ultra-swank and pampered pooches, you might be surprised to hear this innovative idea comes with a tail wagging price tag of just $5 a month.

It’s called DOGTV, and the concept is to help keep your dog entertained while you are away from home. As most pet owners know all too well, a bored dog often leads to bad behavior—meaning you are likely to come home to chewed shoes, furniture, or any number of mishaps. The network also proves useful to dogs who tend to get upset or anxious when they see their owners getting ready to leave the house, as the shows keep dogs distracted and happy so you can be on your way and free of stress or guilt.

And don’t worry, your dog won’t be tuning into soaps all day. All the programs are scientifically designed to for a dog’s sense of vision and hearing to support their natural behavior patterns. So far it has created nearly 800 programs, each about three to five minutes long to cater to the canine attention span. The programs are generally about situations dogs encounter in real life, like car rides or park visits, as well as moving objects, nature scenes, and other dogs resting. Shows avoid loud scenes, like barking dogs, as it was shown to irritate and scare dogs.

Currently DOGTV is only available in the San Diego market, but the creators have plans to expand in the coming months. And with a monthly fee of just $5, we think it’s well worth sacrificing your favorite pair of shoes to a bored or restless dog! For more information visit DOGTV.