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Practice Good Tipping Etiquette

Do you often wonder whom you should tip, and how much? Throughout a typical week, you may find yourself paying for various services including a sit-down restaurant meal, car wash, haircut, pizza delivery, and more. Here are some general guidelines regarding tipping etiquette:

Whom to Tip: Many service industry jobs pay very little. If they provide you with a good service and you tip them accordingly, this will go a long way in helping them feed and raise their families. A good rule of thumb is to tip just about anyone in the service industry.

How Much to Tip: For good service, a 15-20% tip is usually good practice. This Online Tip Calculator is a handy tool for calculating tip amounts. Just enter the amount of the bill and percentage you’d like to tip.

When Not to Tip: Many people choose not to give a tip if they are not satisfied with the service they received. If you do make such decisions, however, please take into account that slow or poor service may not always be the server’s fault. If you feel that poor service was more due to management, a better decision might be to notify a manager and still give the server a fair tip.

Additional tipping guideline: Always check to make sure the gratuity isn’t already included on your bill at a restaurant. If it is included, you’ll see it as a line item on the check. Often, restaurants will include the tip on the bill if the total guest number exceeds six people, or if the total bill exceeds a certain amount of money.