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I've heard a lot of people mention that their local grocery store doubles coupons. How does this work? Do you have to ask the cashier? Any examples of stores that double coupons? I'm curious to find out exactly how this works so any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!

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Manufacturer coupons that are doubled can sometimes allow you to purchase items for pennies on the dollar. Some grocery stores will double coupons for up to 50 cents unless they have "Do Not Double" written on them. You should always check at the Customer Service Counter for their policy on doubling coupons, and also for the type of coupons they take because some grocery stores do not accept internet coupons. One store can have a different policy from another even though they are from the same chain. Some stores have a limit on the number of coupons they will double and some have a limit on the amount they will double. Some stores will only take the coupon at face value. I have had only good experiences with coupons. I had a 50 cent coupon and when it was doubled I got a 99 cent item for free and it put me a penny ahead. I love using coupons that can be doubled and used on the buy one get one free deals. I usually hang on to my coupons until the items go on sale and when it's bogo and the coupon can be doubled, look out. You can even use two coupons that can be doubled on bogo items, but it does depend on how the items are rung up. You can only use the coupons if the items are rung up for half price each so that each coupon takes cents off of each item allowing you to use both coupons. I get real excited when I can save money doing that, especially when it's an item that I use on a regular basis. Every store I've ever shopped in practices the half price policy. Most major grocery store chains like Kroger, Publix and Jewel-Osco will double coupons automatically. You should always check your receipt for errors. Kroger and Jewel offer coupons you can print from their websites and Kroger allows you to load the coupons onto your Kroger Plus card before you go shopping. My hometown grocery store doubles manufacturer coupons automatically and will also take store coupons from other chains. Remember, you should always check with customer service on the stores coupon policies and the manager always has the final say. Some stores will offer special promotions from time to time and offer triple coupons on up to 50 cents.
Thanks so much for the great explaination! I usually shop at Jewel so I will have to check with their customer service dept about their policy. I noticed on my Jewel receipt though that when an item is BOGO, the first item rings up as full price...the second as 0.00. Thats a bummer. I'll have to test out another grocery store to see how they ring up BOGO items. Thanks again!
Our local Kroger store doubles the value of manufacturer coupons up to $1.00. So a $0.40 coupon doubles to $0.80 off, but a $0.70 coupon doesn't double - just $0.70 off.


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