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Have you heard the word locavore?

It's Oxford University's word of the year—a distinction reserved for newly coined terms that have gained popularity. A locavore is someone who considers themselves part of a movement where people are trying to eat locally grown, in-season food as much as possible. There are many reasons: for one, I think you can save money eating locally. Second, it's healthier to eat naturally-grown foods without all the preservatives and stuff you find in many products at a typical grocery store—and third, and maybe most importantly, locavorism is part of the larger environmental/sustainability movement. Because so much fuel and energy is used when most of our food is shipped, trucked and flown in from other states and countries, eating locally can really lessen environmental stress.

So in the spirit of locavorism, I wanted to share this neat feature on—it's an interactive Seasonal Ingredient Map that tells you by month and state what's fresh in your area, plus you'll find ingredient descriptions, shopping guides, recipes, and tips. Also, I found a great article called 10 Ways to Be a Locavore on the PBS Now site, where the author stresses that eating local is not "an all-or-nothing venture. Any small step you take helps the environment, protects your family's health and supports small farmers in your area." She also has an article on her own site called 10 Reasons to Eat Local Food, and another called Tips for eating locally on a budget. There's a lot of information out there on this subject if you are interested!

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